International Litigation

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International Litigation

The Challenge

A top 50 law firm asked for our assistance at short notice on behalf of one of its high profile clients involved in a major international litigation. There was an urgent and sensitive announcement that needed facilitating to the international and specialist media timed with an application being made to the High Court. The announcement addressed speculation around the termination of a contract between the client and a company with global reach.

The Byfield Difference

We conducted a wealth of outreach to the national and international press with a robust press statement. Comprehensive media monitoring was then employed both online and through cuttings to ensure that the client was fully apprised of all coverage and feedback from journalists. In addition, we acted as a press office for the client and fielded any queries from journalists due to the sensitive nature of the case.

The Results

The client’s statement was reported extensively – in over 60 publications globally – and led to the client’s narrative leading in the reporting of the story. The announcement was covered as widely as possible and led to the opponent in the case having to issue its own response to the media.


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