International Fiduciary Litigation

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International Fiduciary Litigation

The Challenge

We were approached by an international fiduciary company acting on behalf of a client in an international litigation that was attracting global attention. The dispute encompassed attempted enforcement actions across the world, including the seizure of one particularly high profile and high value asset. Our main objective in the litigation PR strategy was to ensure accurate reporting of our client’s position in a very complicated and previously misunderstood case.

The Byfield Difference

We advised on the extensive media outreach which was required across jurisdictions – in America, the UK and Asia – drawing up comprehensive press lists. Due to the international nature of the litigation, a lot of our work was conducted out of hours and – because of how fast moving the dispute was – at short notice. We distributed regular statements to the media after each unfolding judgment and appeal, which asserted the client’s position and generated strong journalist contacts to ensure that the resulting reporting was informed and accurate.

Detailed media monitoring was essential both before and after the distribution of statements to track the coverage and ensure that we and the client were alert to any misreporting which required us to follow-up with the journalist and clarify the client’s position.

The Results

We ensured fair and accurate reporting of the ongoing Judgments, asserting a compelling and robust narrative on the client’s behalf. This meant that speculation and sensationalism in the press was contained because the reports were balanced with the client’s position and the accurate reporting of the facts was underlined by our press outreach.

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