City of London Corporation – Legaltech

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City of London Corporation – Legaltech

The Challenge

Byfield was instructed by City of London Corporation to help promote London’s legal innovation and legaltech sector globally. London is a well-known hub for fintech, proptech and insurtech, but awareness of lawtech lags compared to other jurisdictions around the world. City of London Corporation also wanted to drive more traffic to its Global City website.

The Byfield Difference

Byfield created a multi-channel video campaign called Legal Life Cycle for publication during Justice Week 2020. The campaign included three short, engaging videos to showcase work in legal innovation taking place in top firms in London. Seeing everything through from drafting compelling interview questions, liaising with interviewees, conducting the videoshoots, to post-production, Byfield created interview-led videos with Shilpa Bhandarkar, Head of Innovation at Linklaters, Christopher Georgiou, Head of Ashurst Advance, and two Data Scientists from BLM. We also provided a detailed social media strategy for City of London Corporation as well as for key stakeholders to distil and share the content in bite-size formats. This was across the City of London Corporations’ Twitter and LinkedIn channels.

The Results

City of London Corporation received positive feedback and an increase in engagement across their social media channels. In addition, the City of London Corporation saw a 30% increase in traffic to its Global City website during Justice Week. Watch the videos.

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