The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting

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The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting

The Challenge

The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting (ICLR) launched the knowledge section of its new website, which was designed to provide students and lay people information about the legal sector. The firm wished to drive traffic to this section of the website and encourage engagement from target universities.

The Byfield Difference

Byfield implemented a digital marketing strategy that was delivered through ICLR’s Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook channels. The campaign utilised ICLR’s assets and unique tone of voice to encourage target audience to engage with the firm’s new content.

The Results

In the first month of the campaign Byfield generated over 54,000 impressions with an average engagement rate of 10.2% (retweets, likes and replies) on tweets focused on the knowledge section of the ICLR website. Byfield also drove engagement from target accounts such as The University of Law, who now regularly retweet content from ICLR.

22 October 2020 | Eugenia Verenko

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