Geys V Societe General

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Geys V Societe General

The Challenge

We appointed by Fox Williams, a leading London law firm, acting on behalf of former Société Générale investment banker, Raphael Geys, in the landmark Supreme Court case which ruled that payments by employers in lieu of notice are only effective if employees are given clear and unambiguous notice that their employment is being terminated in this way, and that an employer’s wrongful termination will not bring the employment contract to an end unless and until the employee accepts the employer’s breach.

The Byfield Difference

Ahead of the judgement Byfield liaised with Fox Williams and prepared a PR strategy aimed at national, business, finance, legal and HR press, to make them aware of the implications of the judgement.

The Results

Our work resulted in securing coverage in a number of prominent national and international publications including The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, Fox Business News, De Standaard (Belgium), Le Figaro Economie (France) and Die Welt (Germany). The case was also covered by key specialist finance and HR titles including: Citywire, New Model Adviser, Solicitors Journal and HR Magazine.

The lead litigation partner was named The Times ‘Lawyer of the Week’ and the case was detailed in The Times ‘Law Report’ and The Lawyer’s ‘Judgement Call’.

The resulting media coverage had positive impact on the firm itself, including an increase in traffic to the firm’s website and numerous enquiries from prospective clients.

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