Neil Russell, Partner, Seddons

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Neil Russell, Partner, Seddons

“Just to say thank you for your words of guidance. It was so helpful to have you at the other end of the phone. It was a really surreal day, and reassuring to know that I/Seddons had the best PR advice available.”

Neil Russell

Partner, Seddons

7 August 2020 | Kimberley Nanson

Building Trust at a Distance

Trust is hard to define, but we all know when it’s lost. It’s an intangible force that holds our worlds together. But in this ‘new world’...

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17 July 2020 | Tsuey Shan Ho

What Are Journalists Looking For?

The news is everywhere. It’s on TV, in newspapers and magazines, playing on the radio, on your mobile phone and blasting out of your...

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