Crisis PR

When someone’s in trouble, they call their lawyer. But who do lawyers call in a crisis?

Crisis PR

Like any other business, law firms aren’t immune from controversy. When reputational issues become serious, regulatory and legal implications are never far away. Since issues can translate into crises within minutes, stakes rise swiftly and you must be prepared to communicate.

Law firms are expected to uphold the rule of law, and your stakeholders and the media are constantly looking at you to do so. When law firms’ actions are called into question, the potential for reputational damage is greater than in almost any other sector. Byfield ensures your issue is presented accurately – knowing what to say and when to say it is critical.

Led by Gus Sellitto, our Crisis and Issues PR practice will help you navigate crises while keeping a close eye on your stakeholders’ interests. We protect law firms when their reputations are under threat by dealing with risk across all their business functions. We help our clients steady the ship when partners are struck off or when mergers fail; we offer a calm voice amidst discrimination and sexual harassment claims, as well as during SRA and other regulatory investigations; and during data breaches, cyber threats, or terrorist incidents, we know what needs to be communicated. We guide our clients through every law firm crisis imaginable.

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