Legal PR

The legal industry has never been so competitive. Reputation is what makes you stand out.

Legal PR

The market has changed. In this new landscape, law firms compete fiercely on both national and international stages, alternative business structures increasingly challenge for conventional legal work and technological disruption looms ever larger. There’s a heightened awareness in the legal industry about what reputation really means and how it can impact your business, both negatively and positively. Your reputation must shine through for you to be noticed – it’s a commercial imperative.

Byfield is a specialist communications agency that drives the Legal PR industry and knows the business of law better than any other. Done well, Legal PR is about much more than column inches – it gives you an edge by communicating what makes your offer unique to the market.

Our Legal PR service knows how to reach the right audience for law firms across all channels, including digital marketing and social media. Byfield provides communications that deliver concrete outcomes: in the media, Byfield turns lawyers into thought leaders; in the marketplace, we translate business plans into compelling campaigns and content.

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7 August 2020 | Kimberley Nanson

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