Litigation PR

A battle in court can make for good newspaper headlines. Make sure yours are the right ones.

Litigation PR

When a law firm or one of their clients is involved in litigation, everyone likes to keep an eye on the dispute. But winning in the court of law guarantees little in the court of public opinion. Say nothing and you invite unwanted speculation; but say the wrong thing in litigation PR and you can land yourself in contempt of court. It’s a fine line.

Whether the circumstances warrant an aggressive or defensive, proactive or reactive strategy, you must communicate. You need a team on your side who, working closely with your legal counsel, knows how to navigate the intricacies of the court process as well as the scrum on the steps outside.

Led by Gus Sellitto, Byfield’s Litigation PR team have the industry expertise and contacts to translate any legal position into a communications strategy. We use our ability to properly consider the legal status of information to deliver your story in line with litigation proceedings. We deal with high-profile disputes in the UK and internationally on behalf of individuals and organisations, dovetailing communications and legal strategies to comprehensively cover all stakeholder concerns.

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