Dina Hudson

Dina is a Senior Account Executive

Dina joined Byfield Consultancy in August 2020, after graduating from Durham University. As an Account Executive, Dina works with regional, City, national and international law firms to build and protect reputations through communications activities. She excels in forensic research and analysis, which assists her ability to produce strategically planned media and digital campaigns.

Her communications expertise spans corporate, commercial, criminal and civil law  and she has a particular interest in the evolving contentious and litigious landscapes; both domestically, and abroad. This is supported by her incisive knowledge of the news agenda, as well as her ability to monitor changing trends and movements, in the context of her clients businesses,  and the industries in which they operate.

The development of her skillset extends beyond her time at Byfield. Dina has conducted research projects, produced strategic plans, and executed campaigns as part of her previous entrepreneurial ventures; as well as undertaking internships while completing her studies.

Articles written by Dina: