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The Six Things Keeping Managing Partners Awake at Night

The Six Things Keeping Managing Partners Awake at Night

The Six Things Keeping Managing Partners Awake at Night 1034 668 byfield

Law firm leaders are facing seismic challenges in how they run and lead their businesses against a backdrop of increasing uncertainty. Covid-19 has created physical distance between our workplaces and communities, and we have had to adapt overnight to new ways of keeping in touch with our people and motivating our workforces.

These new challenges have added to the more business-as-usual pressures of running a successful law firm and are calling on law firm leaders to think very carefully about what has worked best for their business in the past, and how to apply and evolve that thinking to the new normal that we are all having to embrace.

At Byfield, we have undertaken research in collaboration with post-graduates from the London Business School to better understand the six key issues law firm managing partners are facing in today’s fast-evolving business environment, as well as providing guidance on how those issues can be addressed.

It will become clear in reading this report that we believe communication lies at the heart of addressing the key business and risk concerns that law firms are facing. By applying a lasersharp focus to the six areas of communication we identify at the end of this report, law firms can protect and enhance their reputations for the long-term and emerge with more resilient businesses as a result.

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