A Little Bite of the Big Apple

A Little Bite of the Big Apple

A Little Bite of the Big Apple 1024 574 Ben Girdlestone

I’m lucky enough to be in New York this week meeting our US clients, PR agencies and some of the other firms we know.  Jet lag is a funny thing but New York feels a bit different somehow.  It’s definitely quieter, with less people around and I’ll be interested to see if the offices I visit feel full.

There’s a huge amount of building work going on, including at the impressive Hudson Yards where I was earlier seeing a client (see pictures) – and the skyline of course still looks magnificent.  The ride in from JFK still takes the breath away as Manhattan looms into view from across the East River,

Covid seems to be still present with many people choosing to wear masks, certainly more than you see around London. That said it’s not totally clear where you are still supposed to wear them.

It was good to see Macron’s election victory in France getting a lot of coverage on the news and on the tickers in Times Square and the News Corp building.  I think it is a myth that foreign news doesn’t matter here.

I’ll write a fuller blog at the end of the week and will try to capture the mood of the legal community. It’s really exciting to be here!