Law firm leaders are facing staggering challenges against a backdrop of increasing uncertainty.

Covid-19 has created physical distance between our workplaces and communities, and we have had to adapt overnight to new ways of keeping in touch with our people and motivating our workforces.

These new challenges have added to the more business-as-usual pressures of running a successful law firm. They call for law firm leaders to think carefully about what has worked well in the past, and how to apply and evolve that thinking to the new normal.

Here at Byfield, as a communication specialist that works with law firm leaders day in, day out, we felt we were in a good position to carry out some research on what law firm leaders think the top business risks are now – amid everything that’s happening.

So, we partnered with the London Business School to survey 20 leaders of the top 200 law firms and to conduct 10 interviews to gain further insights from them. From the data we collected, we found that there were ultimately six main concerns that law firm leaders had in common.