Byfield Bytes: 5 minutes with Digital Marketing Assistant Sean Cullen

Byfield Bytes: 5 minutes with Digital Marketing Assistant Sean Cullen

Byfield Bytes: 5 minutes with Digital Marketing Assistant Sean Cullen 1200 801 Sean Cullen

Q: How did you end up in legal marketing at Byfield?

A: “I wanted a role in digital marketing but had never thought about doing it in the legal sector. Then the apprenticeship scheme I joined offered me Byfield and when I got the opportunity it was intriguing as I never expected to end up in law. When doing the interview process Byfield seemed to have a good team. After I joined I realised why it’s a good place – everyone is very collaborative, it’s fast-paced and has good energy in the office. It’s also interesting keeping your finger on the pulse about the news agenda.”


Q: What did you do before joining Byfield?

A: “Before Byfield I actually worked for the Ministry of Defence, which was a bit different. More specifically I worked for a contractor doing facilities management. My job was on the helpdesk, so working in digital marketing for the legal sector feels like much more of a career and step in the right direction in comparison!”


Q: You’ve done a digital apprenticeship – what has that entailed?

A: “I’ve been completing 12 modules covering different aspects of digital marketing. There’s a course day every month and regular assignments. The modules include SEO, email marketing, lead generation, coding and training on tools like Google Analytics, WordPress, Buffer and Canva.”


Q: How have you managed to use these skills to benefit Byfield’s clients?

A: “I’ve been doing digital marketing campaigns for a major insurance law firm, involving using most of these tools I’ve been trained on right across all their digital channels, which really complements and adds to the traditional PR work we do. I also run all the digital accounts for another client, creating and scheduling their posts, as well as doing all Byfield’s own digital marketing and web loading.”


Q: Do you work on specific accounts or across everything?

A: “A few specific accounts but I’m also here to help the wider team on anything digital for clients, such as graphic cards, digital audits, copywriting and overall analytics. I’ve also helped out on campaigns such as the Byfield 15 year anniversary and our recent throught leadership into the things keeping managing partners awake at night.”


Q: What do you like about the job?

A: “I like working with different clients and different people – you need to be flexible in this job. I’m never doing the same thing each day as there is always something new. Working as part of a group is also great and seeing how digital skills fit with our content and PR workstreams for clients is really interesting and I feel like I am adding value.”


Q: Do you think the legal sector is on top of what digital marketing has to offer?

A: “Good question! Not as much as a lot of other industries and there is definitely plenty of value from better use of digital tools and channels to transform the way legal sector businesses market themselves.”


Q: Finally, what do you like to do outside of work?

A: “I like to socialise with my friends, go to gigs and festivals, watch football. I’m going to Glastonbury this year, which I’m excited about. Actually, it seems like half of Byfield is going this year, so it’ll be a busy few days for everyone left in the office!”