Guest Blog: Events in the Age of COVID

Guest Blog: Events in the Age of COVID

Guest Blog: Events in the Age of COVID 1632 1225 byfield

This guest blog is written by full-service events and experiential agency, Ann Squared.

Any marketeer worth their salt will tell you the importance events play as part of their marketing arsenal. Whether it’s a round table, or a whole conference centre full of people, events enable you to communicate your value and build trust through in-person interactions. To put it bluntly, people buy from people, and events are more often than not the vehicle that allows you to spend meaningful time with an existing client, or give a potential new client the opportunity to get to know you.

But sadly yes, it looks like it’s going to be a little while before we’re able to shake hands over a breakfast meeting or network in person at a conference, but that doesn’t mean event resource should be diverted elsewhere.

Doing virtual events isn’t a new phenomenon, but for many organisations it just wasn’t the norm. Yet, five weeks ago I wouldn’t have said hanging out on Zoom on a Friday and Saturday night with my friends and family was normal behaviour, but I think it’s safe to say pretty much all generations are beginning to quickly adapt to this new way of socialising and communicating. And it is this change in behaviour that should give you confidence to start planning your own virtual events calendar.

For the legal community, the possibilities for virtual events are vast. Now more than ever, we need to talk and share best practice, so facilitating a breakfast roundtable discussion on a specific industry hot topic could be a much-needed event for your client base. This can also be an opportune moment to think about what your current and prospect clients may need beyond legal advice, and look to use your existing network to host a lunchtime event which has key note speakers and drop-in sessions that cover legal, finance and well-being, for example.

Client hosting does not need to be put on hold either, and you have a chance to have a little bit of fun with it, for instance an evening online wine tasting with a sommelier or a cocktail making class could be organised with ease. Attendees are simply sent their ‘event box’ before hand so everyone attending has the same ingredients and end experience.

Hosting events now more than ever can give you the opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition. Done well, events demonstrate the investment and time you are putting in to your clients, showing the value add you can create, therefore deepening existing relationships and starting new ones off on firm footings.

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