Moving On Up

Moving On Up

Moving On Up 2560 1709 Gus Sellitto

“The most important step a person [sic: man] can take. It’s not the first one, is it? It’s the next one. Always the next step”

Science fiction author Brandon Sanderson isn’t the first name which comes to mind in respect of corporate strategy, but he perfectly articulates an historic moment for Byfield. This week we move to new offices in the newly refurbished Gray’s Inn; sharing a wonderfully refurbished building with Gatehouse Chambers at the epicentre of London’s legal community.

I’m struck by two things in particular as I write this. The first, and most important, is how proud I feel of the team and all we’ve achieved in partnership with our clients. The fact we are here in this fabulous new space is down to them and their collective ability to provide leading edge reputation counsel right across the legal sector.

The second thing that strikes me is that we are working through very similar challenges to our clients and indeed some of the biggest firms in the sector, albeit on a smaller scale. We’ve created a broad ‘New Way of Working’ policy based on staff feedback, incorporating everything from how many days we want people to come into the office (at least twice a week, since you ask), to dress code to hybrid meeting etiquette. The experience we’ve had of helping clients shape their own strategies and being part of their decision-making conversations is proving to be extremely useful as we look to make the most of our new space.

A number of firms are currently undertaking, or planning for, major office moves in London. Travers Smith recently announced a move to Stonecutter Court, a 13 storey development in the City, saying the quality of its client offering ‘needs to be matched by the quality of our office space’.

At Byfield we can certainly relate to this at a strategic and emotional level. While we don’t pretend for a minute that our move is anywhere near as challenging from a logistical perspective, the experience of moving is as symbolic and important to us as it is for any firm in the industry we serve.