Content Strategy for a Leading International Law Firm


  • Byfield was appointed by a prominent department of a leading international law firm to assess its content strategy vis-à-vis its competitors and to advise on the creation of a new content strategy.


  • The client already produced a significant amount of high-quality content across it’s EMEA offices but wanted a more streamlined approach which also joined-up the broad range of advice its team offered across their sector areas and jurisdictions more effectively.  Key to this aim was to understand what the client wanted to be known for and how it could differentiation amongst its closest competitors. In order to do this, Byfield undertook a series of interviews with key partners, followed by a detailed review of the content produced by the firm’s competitors. We presented this back to the client as part of a messaging workshop to further identify the team’s key strengths and their clients’ top concerns, and how these could be better promoted via a new content strategy.


  • We produced a new set of key messages, strapline and elevator pitch for the client to be used across its marketing communications, business development materials and content production. We also devised a new content strategy focused on key campaigns which worked across the client team’s broad range of sector areas and specialisms.