Law firm cyber attack


  • An international law firm was subjected to a cyber event which compromised its internal and some client-facing systems. Byfield was called to advise as a key part of the response team.


  • Byfield worked with the law firm’s inhouse team, alongside specialist external cyber security experts, to advise on a rapid communications response and forward planning around the event.  This included scenario planning, stakeholder mapping, a media engagement strategy and statement drafting to manage and mitigate reputational risk for the firm.


  • Byfield provided reputation counsel on the cyber event throughout its development and resolution. Internal and external communications were carefully considered as information on the severity of the issue emerged.  Byfield prepared a traffic light system to cover the potential scenarios as the situation evolved. In the end, the issue was contained at a minimum risk level and the client was reassured that the communications response had been handled and implemented appropriately throughout.